Valvular Heart Disease

Download Heart valves help control movement of blood through the heart; valvular heart disease can develop when heart valves are not working properly. Your veterinarian may recommend a cardiac evaluation if valvular heart disease is suspected. Most cases of valvular heart disease are treated with medication, but severely affected pets may not survive, despite medical

Your Pet's Prescribed Diet

Download   If your pet is on a prescribed diet, keeping him or her on that diet is essential for the best possible health and quality of life. Your veterinarian has carefully selected your pet’s prescribed diet based on his or her specific needs, so this food should not be changed. Please order refills of

Traveling With Your Dog

Download Bring enough of your dog’s regular food and medication for the duration of the trip. If you plan to travel with your pet, let your veterinarian know ahead of time; your dog may need a health certificate, or there may be other health issues to address.    How Can I Make the Travel Experience

Vestibular Disease

Download   Vestibular disease is a medical condition that affects the nervous system. Clinical signs of vestibular disease include incoordination (instability when trying to stand or walk), head tilt, and circling to one side. Sometimes the cause of vestibular disease remains undiagnosed, but underlying causes can include thyroid disease (in dogs) or a middle/inner ear

Treating Heartworm Disease

Download Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition that damages the heart, lungs, and related blood vessels. Dogs and cats are at risk for becoming infected with heartworms. Heartworm disease in dogs is treatable, but in some cases, treatment can be costly and complicated. There are no approved products for heartworm treatment in


Download Vomiting is the forceful emptying of the stomach. If vomiting is prolonged, it can lead to dehydration. Vomiting can be associated with several medical conditions ranging from motion sickness to foreign body ingestion to cancer. Treatment is aimed at controlling the vomiting and resolving the primary cause. A safe environment, healthy diet, routine veterinary