Abdominal Radiography

Download Abdominal radiography is painless, very safe, and noninvasive, and it can sometimes be performed during an outpatient visit while you wait. Abdominal radiography is useful for evaluating the size, shape, and position of abdominal organs. Sedation is sometimes recommended for patients undergoing radiography. Radiography can help your veterinarian diagnose numerous medical conditions involving the

Acetaminophen Toxicity

Download   Acetaminophen can be toxic to dogs and cats, but cats are 7 to 10 times more susceptible to acetaminophen toxicity than dogs are. Once swallowed, acetaminophen reaches the blood stream within 30 minutes; toxic effects are rapid and damage the liver and red blood cells. Never give a medication intended for people to

Addison's Disease

Download Addison’s disease occurs when the body cannot produce adequate amounts of certain hormones, including a hormone called cortisol. Addison’s disease tends to affect young to middle-aged dogs, and females are more commonly affected than males. It is rare in cats. Diagnosis can be complicated, but most dogs respond well to appropriate treatment and can

Bathing Your Dog

Download   Regular bathing can help keep your dog’s skin and haircoat healthy. Medicated shampoo may be prescribed by your veterinarian. Try to make bathing a pleasant experience for your dog. Good Reasons to Bathe Your Dog Regular bathing can help keep your dog’s skin and haircoat healthy, and if you can teach your dog