10 Ways to Help an Arthritic Dog

Download Bring your dog in for regular checkups so that your veterinarian can monitor your dog’s arthritis and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. Getting or keeping your dog slim can help by decreasing the load on his or her joints. Feeding your dog the right amount of high-quality food should help with weight

A Pet Owner's Guide to Flea Control

Download Adult fleas are only part of the problem. Immature fleas (eggs and larvae) contribute to flea infestation, too. Your pet does not have to go outside to get fleas. Your veterinarian is a reliable source of information on safe and effective flea control products for your pet and home. What Are Fleas? Fleas are

ACTH Stimulation Test

Download   ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) is a hormone produced by the brain that stimulates the adrenal glands to release cortisol and other hormones. Two medical conditions, Cushing’s disease and Addison’s disease, occur when the body’s regulation of adrenal gland hormones is altered.  The ACTH stimulation test can help your veterinarian diagnose Cushing’s disease or Addison’s

Abdominal Radiography

Download Abdominal radiography is painless, very safe, and noninvasive, and it can sometimes be performed during an outpatient visit while you wait. Abdominal radiography is useful for evaluating the size, shape, and position of abdominal organs. Sedation is sometimes recommended for patients undergoing radiography. Radiography can help your veterinarian diagnose numerous medical conditions involving the